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American Women Artists is looking forward to introducing Amy Furber, who will be teaching a workshop on utilizing the Zoom virtual meeting platform. While Zoom isn’t new, for many professions that have previously relied on in-person events, conversations and activities, it can be intimidating to get started.

Our Executive Director, Amanda Zimmerman, recently interviewed Amy in preparation for her workshop, exclusive to AWA members in April. In the following interview Amy shares Zoom tips, best practices, what is needed to get started for hosting meetings and webinars, and insight into her services offered! Email Amanda at to register. We hope to see you on April 16!

1. Why do you think it is important for artists to utilize Zoom? 

Since we will be virtual still for some time, this is an awesome opportunity for you to connect with your clients, participants, students. You could offer a workshop/class, a webinar, you could create a panel of artists to share what you’ve been working on over the last year. Do a demo. Continue to build community. Continue to get your artwork out into the world. Connect with new audiences! Be a guest speaker!

2. How should one prepare for a Zoom call?

If you’re leading the meeting always practice the day before with at least one attendee so you know exactly what you’ll be seeing on your screen when people log in. Log in 30 minutes early to avoid any glitches with the technology.

3. Do you have any Zoom etiquette or best practice tips?

If it’s a meeting turn your webcam on. Your host will appreciate you! If you are leading the meeting be sure folks know in the invite that the webcams will be on so they are not in PJs.

4. Do you need a lot of equipment to start using Zoom? 

If you’re the one leading the meeting–a laptop and good lighting.

5. What is the difference between a Zoom meeting and a webinar? What would each be good for? 

The biggest difference is the way you can interact with the audience. In a meeting you can see everyone with a webcam and you can use loads of tools. In a webinar, you (and other panelists) are the only persons seen by the audience. They aren’t “on.” The audience can only interact with you via chat.

The meeting is great if you want to interact with your audience, if you want them to try out something you’re taking about. If you want it to feel more like face-to-face interaction.

A webinar is good if you want to control the interaction even more, if you want it to be more lecture style, if you have a large audience.

6. What services do you provide? 

I offer workshops including topics—”Using Zoom Tools” to increase engagement, “Breakout Room Intensive” for people who want to master breakouts, presentation skills–content and delivery. I also offer one-on-one coaching surrounding all of these topics. One-on-one is particularly good for folks who have a specific project they are working on.

To register for the Zoom Workshop with Amy Furber on April 16, please email Amanda Zimmerman at Last day to register is March 20, 2021.

About Amy

With 20 years of experience teaching public speaking and presentation skills, here’s what she knows to be true: how you present yourself matters. Amy has had the pleasure of teaching people skills that help them connect and interact with the world in meaningful ways. She has taught college Communication courses, coached executives in the tech and biotech field, coached Stanford graduate business students, taught elementary students and teachers, and coached nonprofit mission-driven teams and individuals to be successful in front of an audience. Amy lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and two kids. Learn more about Amy here