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Taggings is In!

Recent changes to social networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram, means that AWA’s work in promoting our members and their accomplishments is a bit more challenging. With that in mind, we have one simple request: tag AWA in your posts! By tagging us directly instead of using a hashtag, we can easily find , review and comment or share your content to AWA’s social channels. Here’s how to do it:

When writing a post, enter the @symbol and begin typing American Women Artists. Our name and logo should appear in a drop-down list of matching accounts. Highlight our name in the list and the tag will automatically populate in your post

tagging AWA on Facebook 002

There are 2 ways you can tag AWA in a post: in the Caption or on the Image

To tag AWA in a caption: type @americanwomenartists at the end of your caption. (If it makes more sense to mention us in the body of the caption, then go right ahead!) As soon as you enter the @ symbol and start typing our Instagram handle, AWA should be at the top of the drop-down menu. Tap on our name to add the tag to the caption.

Tagging image 2

To tag AWA on your image: after you have entered your caption on the Share screen, tap on Tag People. Tap on an area of the image and enter @amwomenartists in the search box. Select our name from the options provided, then tap the check mark in the corner to add the tag. NOTE: As of May 25, 2018, you cannot tag videos – you will have to include the tag in the caption.

Tagging 3


Tagging 4


Tagging 5

Tagging 6

Want to tag AWA on a previous post? Go to the post, tap the small dots in the corner about the photo, and select Edit. You can opt to add @amwomenartists to the caption, or tap Tag People in the corner of the image

Tagging 7

To ensure we see your tweet, add @amwomenartists at the end of your tweet. If you put our Twitter handle at the beginning of a tweet, then only the accounts that follow both AWA’s and your Twitter accouts will see the content.

tagging AWA on Twitter 002

Does this mean no more hashtags? Not at all! AWA will still use hashtags across social channels for the purpose of organizing content. Instagram allows users to follow hashtags, so it’s a great way to see at a glance who is sharing content with that hashtag. Twitter users can follow hashtags either through a third-party application or via the search tool on Twitter. But if you want AWA’s social media team to see your posts, you will definitely want to tag AWA using the steps outline above.

Happy Tagging!