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Five Ways to Promote Through AWA

 Five ways to get the word out about your work through AWA

As you may already know, American Women Artists is all over social media, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Combined with our newsletter and blog, our social media platform is a big part of helping spread the word about what our members are doing. Whether it’s an award, exhibition or new work, we want to hear your news!

Here are five ways you can help AWA help you with promotions:

Follow AWA on social media. You don’t need to be on all the same social networks that we are, of course. Whatever you use, though, be sure to follow us so we know to look for you!





Use the promotions form. The form is the easiest way to let us know when you have something exciting to share. This works best for exhibitions/shows, workshops, awards and new works. To access the form, visit

Tag us in your social media posts. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can tag AWA in your post/tweet by simply typing our handle. For Facebook, it’s @Americanwomenartists. For Twitter or Instagram, it’s @amwomenartists. Tagging us means we will see your post and be able to repost/share it across social media that much faster!

Use hashtags for specific promotions in your Instagram posts. Because we are always looking for fresh content to post, we do regular searches on our social media campaign hashtags, such as #newworkswednesday and #studiosofAWA. Putting these hashtags in the caption or a comment of your post helps us find your content and schedule it for reposting.

Email us. Have a press release that your gallery or assistant wrote? Is there an article or interview about your work in an art magazine? Or do you have a question about the best way to promote your news? Shoot us an email with all the details at and we’ll get back to you!