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Meet Vicki Catapano, our Spring Online Juried Show Award Winner for Outstanding Figurative Work

Vicki Catapano has been painting and exhibiting alongside many of American Women Artists’ founding members since the 1980s.
“I knew a lot of the ladies back then and in the last few years have been getting back into the group. I am hoping to become a Signature member.” Vicki says.
In fact she wasn’t even sure she would make the deadline for entry into this year’s Spring Online Juried Show.
“One Sunday night I just decided to go look at it, as a fluke, and realized I only had 4 hours left to enter!” Vicki recalls. “I was blown away by the win – I was just hoping to get in.”
Vicki’s piece “War Cloud, the Ambassador” won for Outstanding Figurative Work. War Cloud is the model’s tribal name and Vicki has painted several portraits of him in the nine years they have known each other. They met when Vicki attended a pow wow near her home in Northern California. Not only was he willing to model for Vicki, he has also introduced her to many of her other subjects.
“He truly is a wonderful ambassador, he travels to events all over the United States and works with representatives from other tribes. He is interested in building bridges between people and keeping his culture and traditions alive.” Vicki says.
Vicki is now working on her piece for the upcoming Annual Member Show & National Juried Exhibition.