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Carrie Waller Abundance

American Women Artists (AWA) is pleased to feature the Savanna Gallery, located within The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo. We are grateful for the donorship of this Gallery Showcase Award for one of our talented artist members! 

© Phoenix Zoo

The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo has introduced a rotating art exhibit program to enhance their visitors’ experience and to help communicate its important national and international conservation efforts. Exhibited artwork will embrace the mission of the Phoenix Zoo: “To advance the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats while providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.”  

Joye DeGoede, Courtesy of Phoenix Zoo

One artist of AWA’s National Online Juried Show, Lifting the Sky: Elevating the Works of American Women Artists, will have a unique opportunity to showcase her artwork in an exhibition. This artist will be selected by the Phoenix Zoo Arts Committee. 

The winner’s artwork will be exhibited in the Savanna Gallery, which is located in the Savanna Grill. The gallery is a modern, light-filled facility that attracts high traffic for the Zoo. Artwork will be displayed in one of the three exhibit areas: the Grand Wall, the Windows Wall, and the Café Wall.

Phoenix Zoo CEO, Bert Castro, courtesy of Phoenix Zoo

Lucy Dickens, courtesy of Phoenix Zoo

Included in the award of exhibition, the artists’ show will be marketed by The Zoo. Additionally, there will be an opening night and reception hosted by The Zoo for a limited number of the winner’s guests and invited Zoo members. 

The gallery’s recent exhibition was Art on the Wild Side, featuring artists who showcased their unique visions of wildlife and conservation.

National Online Juried Exhibition 
Applications are now open through February 10, 2021, for AWA’s National Online Juried Exhibition. The exhibition dates are May 20 through August, 2021. Interested applicants are encouraged to view the prospectus for more information to apply. 

About The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo
The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo has been a point of pride for Arizona for over 50 years. As the state’s most visited attraction second only to the Grand Canyon, the Phoenix Zoo hosts over 1.4 million guests each year. With more than 37,000 member households, it has the largest membership base of any cultural institution in the Valley. 

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