Signature Members

Vanessa Rusczyk Palo Verde Blossom

Adair, Sue deLearie
Adams, Elisa
Amos, Carol
Anderson, JaNeil
Arenas, Heather
Bailey, Tucker
Baker, Suzie
Banks, Jill
Barton, Jane
Bass, Nancy
Beacham, Helen
BeLer Wodrich, Esther
Belliveau, Carole
Birkenruth, Kelly
Boddy, Marlys
Bradley, Paige
Brentz, Bonnie J.
Brewer, Melinda
Brooks, Hebe
Buckner, Jenny
Budan, Karen
Carroll, Nancy Hooper
Castillo, Victoria
Catotti, Donna
Chen, Ginger
Cleary, MaryAnn
Conrad, B.
Cook, Carrie
Cook, Lynette
Corpora, Sandra
Dahlstedt, Barbara
Daniel, Laurel
Davidson, Nikki
Davis, Julie
Davis, Patricia
Debrosky, Christine
deQuevedo, Phyllis Mantik
DiBenedetto, Loren
Doberstein, Sara Jane
DuPratt, Leslie
Eberle, Jill
Edwards, Barbara Summers
Ellisor, Fran
Farabaugh, Sheri
Ferrell, Catherine
Feustel, Cynthia
Fields, Bethany
Floyd, Elizabeth
Folsom, Kelli
Ford, Terri
Fuller, Ellen
Galbraith, Katherine
Gehres, Ginger
Gibson, Heather Lynn
Giles, Kathleen
Gleim, Lisa
Goldberg, Christina Body
Hahn, Elaine
Hall, Terry Cooke
Harkness, Anne
Hartley, Jane
Houston, Amanda
Huggins, Jammey
Hunt, Jane
Immel, Peggy
Ingols, Jane
Isenhour, Natasha
Jacob, Debob
Kain, Jodie
Kaiser, HR
Keirce, DebraHttp://
Knight, Sheryl
Kopenhafer, Cindy
Korbel, Debbie
Krupinski, Chris
Lackman, Kate
Lane, Nancy
Leemon, Jeanne Crain
LeGrice, Linda
Leung, Amy D.
Levenson, Shana
Lindholm, Jamie
Loeschen, Linda
Lombardo, Dana Cook
Lord, Carolyn
Lukacsik, CJ
Lutzai, Linda
Lynn, Susan
Madeira, Gayle
Maher, Janel
McCraney-Brogdon, Julie
McGannon, Jill
McGonagle, Georgene
McKeown, Deanne
Mendlik Polzin, Kami
Mertz, Nancie King
Morelock-Bosco, Gini
Moyer, Paddi
Mutti, Linda
Namei, Farshid
Nistler, Eileen
Nuss, Barbara
O'Connor, Carla
Olliver, Jean
Painter, Sally
Park, Pokey
Peltier, Amanda
Peyton, Anne
Pomales Tousey, Sharon
Post, Claudia
Prosia, DeAnn
Reavis, Jeanne
Reed, BF
Reilly, Connie Lynn
Reis, Hope
Robbins, Nadine
Rowten, Cathy
Rusczyk, Vanessa
Sample, Esther
Schlesier, Grace
Schroeter, Linda
Schwien, Guenevere
Scott, Elizabeth Lewis
Seerey-Lester, Suzie
Self-Lowen, Ann
Shea, Alisa
Smith, Shelley
Smith, Siana
Stevens, Laurie A.
Strockwasson, Carol
Stuart, Oceana Rain
Taggart, Kim
Takacs, Judy
Taylor, Mary
Temple Neumann, Susan
Thompson, Carol Lee
Trachok, Cathryne
Tribastone, Patricia
Trusty, Ann
Tucker, Karol A.
Turner, Cecy
Usibelli, Michele
VanDerHoek, Kim
Venosdel, Burneta
Vigil, Suzanne
Vinson, Kathryn
Walker, Susan
Waller, Carrie
Warner, Kerri
Watcher, Ann
Watry, Lorraine
Werneck, Daniela
Wheeler, Kathie
Whitehead, Diane M.
Williamson, Robin
Woodbury, Ellen

Full Sun skillfully reaffirms the ties that bind the AWA artists to the traditions of landscape, portraiture, and still life painting and sculpture represented by the artists in the Haggin Museum collection. At the same time their work invites us in to the light of new perspectives and champions still unequally heard women’s voices.

University Curator, University of the Pacific, CA