Kim Kori

Jack of Hearts, bronze, 18″ x 16″ x 12″

Kim Kori
( b. 1950)


Born in Pennsylvania and now living in Sedona, AZ, Kim is inspired by the abundance of nature surrounding her home. She specializes in entwining her imagination with reality in her bronze flora and fauna sculptures. Kim has 15 public placements and has won several awards. She is a Master-Signature Member of American Women Artists and a Signature Member of Society of Animal Artists.

Artist's Statement:

My life is all about nature and imagination. I try to combine all these elements in my sculptures of flora and fauna. Always insisting on creating unique sculptures, I tend to push the boundaries in bronze with my intricate style. I especially enjoy imagining what life would be like as a small creature in a tree, on a mushroom, or scurrying through plants much larger than I while gathering sustenance. Nature is filled with infinite miracles that never cease to amaze me. I’m blessed to find these miracles surrounding my home every day.


 Master-Signature Member American Women Artists; Signature Member Society of Animal Artists 


Rowe Fine Art Gallery
Sedona, AZ

Sage Creek Gallery
Santa Fe, NM

Knox Galleries
Beaver Creek, CO

Winning the Purchase Award has such enormous significance for me, it’s every artist’s dream to be in a museum and my work, Lee’s Ferry Landing, will be at the Tucson Desert Art Museum for as long as I live. I’m so thankful to the American Women Artists for that opportunity.”

— Lili Ann Laurin
AWA Artists, AZ