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Congratulations to the artists whose artwork was selected for AWA’s National Online Juried Show, Lifting the Sky: Elevating the Works of American Women Artists, May 20 – August 21, 2021.

Leslie Adams (OH), Renoir’s Bouquet: A Portrait of Debra Calabrese
Carol Alleman (AZ), Awakening Bliss
JaNeil Anderson (NM), Uncertainty
Lauren Anderson (CO), Afternoon Tea
Nancy Bass (FL ), At the Museum (after Mel Bochner)
Helen K. Beacham (SC), The Guardians
Holly Bedrosian Allen (TX), The Influencer
Carole Belliveau (CA), The Way Home
Lucrezia Bieler (FL), Invasive
Kelly Birkenruth (CT), Wrapped in Secrets
Marlys Boddy (MT), Road Warrior
Susan Brabeau (NC), Orange Cannas
Paige Bradley (CT), Expansion Rising
Marilynn Brandenburger (CO), October Along the Poudre
Hebe Brooks (TX), Now Turn to Look
Karen Budan (AZ), Playing With Black and White
Carol Carter (MO), Rainbow Zebras
Vicki Catapano (CA), Warcloud Rising
Ashley Cecil (PA), Take Shelter
Linda Clark (CA), Pond Lillies
Carrie Cook (TX), Keagan
Lynette Cook (CA), Onward and Upward
Trish Coonrod (NY), Heirloom Tomatoes
Barbara Dahlstedt, CPSA,CPX (AZ), Showtime
Laurel Daniel (TX), Around the Bend
Natalie Dark (NY), Take Me To Capri
Nikki Davidson (TX), Lost In The Dance
Julie Davis (TX), Homestretch
Angela De la Vega (TX), Bridge of Brotherhood
Sandy Delehanty (CA), Reflecting on the Yuba River
Gabriela Delloso (NJ), Homage to Evelyn De Morgan
Loren Dibenedetto (NC), Hydrangea in NY Times
Kimberly Dow Fairview (NC), Elegant Allure
Carmen Drake Gordon (NC), Rusty Enamel and Violets
Christine Drewyer (MD), Once in a Blue Heron Moon
Kathleen E. Dunn (WA), Battleground- Peregrine Falcon with Pigeon
Vie Dunn-Harr (TX), Waiting
Melanie Eberhardt (GA), Pool Party
Kelly Eddington (MO), Too Many Choices
Barbara Summers Edwards (UT), A Song Within
L. S. Eldridge (AR), The Nature of Tools
sheri farabaugh (CO),Tranquility
Natalie Featherston (RI), The Truth Is Out There
Sheryl Fletcher Coon (IL), Watching the Mile
Nanette Fluhr (NJ), Manu
Jolynn Forman (UT), Raining Cats and Dogs
Ellen Fuller (NM), Serenity
Heather Gibson (NJ), Winter Night In The City
Lisa Gleim (GA), The Bear & The Bees
Jacqueline Gnott (IN), Still Life with Cherries and Vintage Brocade
Xi Guo (FL), Red Lily
Terry Cooke Hall (MT), Undercover Angel
Anne Harkness (NC), The Brooklyn Bridge
Leah Hopkins Henry (GA), Wonderland
Dyana Hesson (AZ), Four Generations to Come, Milkweed and Moth, White Mountains, AZ
Lisa Hewett (CO), Autumn Joy
Laney (WY), On a Gray Day
Paula Holtzclaw (NC), The Golden Hour
Karin Husty (GA), Walk by the Water
Peggy Immel (NM), Lunchtime
Jane Ingols (GA), Unshorn
Susan N Jarvis (UT), Sunset In Spanish Fork, Utah
Laura Tryon Jennings (MA), Point of View
Mimi Jensen (CA), Outlaws
Krista Johnson (MN), Old Friends
Anna Kasabian (MA), Crown Jewel
Julie Kavanagh (CA), Girl with Dahlias
Shelby Keefe (WI), Wyoming Slouch
Debra Keirce (VA), Hoisted
Jaya King (CA), Delta Current
Leslie Kirchner (CA), Precision Timing- Blue Heron
Kirsten Kokkin (CO), Young Dancer
Debbie Korbel (CA), Lovers
Kim Kori (AZ), Oblivious
Chris Krupinski (OH), After the Game
Sue Krzyston (AZ), Distant Drums
Kate Lackman (OH), Flora
Jeanne Crain (TN), Dressed in White
Jhenna Quinn Lewis (OR), It’s a Bird in the Hand After All
Nancy Lilly (TX), Sentries to the Sunset
Jamie Lindholm (CO), The Interconnectedness of Geography and Viewpoint
Linda Lindsay, (Vancouver, BC), Makhotso Mother of Peace
Debra Lott (KY), Unmasked
Linda Lutzai (NY), Dot
Ellen Lyon (IN), Escape
Gayle Madeira (NY), Taking the A Train
Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo (OK), Into the Wind
Barbara Mason (TX), Nesting
Janis Mattson (VT), Pie Birds
Sally Maxwell (TX), Precarious Position
Jill McGannon (GA), Luminescent
Georgene McGonagle (CO), Hawk-eye
Krystii Melaine (WA), Flamingo Flamenco
Kami Mendlik (MN), Black Water Pond
Nicole Moné (NY), A Day Like Any Other
Sherrie Nielsen (CA), Too Cute
Eileen Nistler (NY), Ta Da!
Barbara Nuss (MD), Sheep May Safely Graze
Dyan Padgett (MN), Essentials
Pokey Park (AZ), La Mascarade
Victoria Parsons (CO), Hide and Seek
Priscilla Patterson (ID), To Sail With the Wind
Anne Peyton (AZ), Dabbler
Elizabeth Pollie (MI), Slow Rise Anthem
Sara Post (CA), Towers
Claudia Post (CT), Wrapped in Shawl
Heide Presse (FL), Skillful Hands
DeAnn Prosia (NJ), City Escape
BF Reed (NC), In The Company of Spheres
Mardie Rees (WA), Soul of the Forward and Faithful
Elizabeth Rickert (NM), Aquarium I
Annie Robinson (CA), Emily and the Ram Conjuring
Gladys Roldan-de-Moras (TX), Summer in Texas
Irena Roman (MA),  Wayne
Rosetta (CO), Cheetahs On The Run
Vanessa Rusczyk (CA), Sacred Datura at Sunrise
Kristen Salai (TX), Box of Donuts
Barbara Schilling (MI), Snow Shadows
Megan Seiter (CA), Dolores
Claudia Seymour (CT), Robins Egg
Alisa Shea (NY), The Common Thread
Linda Short (MT), Spirit in the Sky
Siana Smith (CA), 9.9.2020__37.70184614419476__-122.40675640172758-13120212241-81694
Shelley Smith (WI), Eat, Drink and Be Cherry
Louise Solecki Weir (Vancouver, BC), Claudia With a Scarf
carol strockwasson (IN), Winchester Barn
Susan Helen Strok (CO), Garden Party
Oceana Rain Stuart (CA), Poesia
Kim Taggart (KS), Sky Daphne’s Melody
Judy Takacs (OH), Emilie, The Tenth Muse
Sue Steele Thomas (VA), Tangled in the Forest
Margery Thomas-Mueller (NH), Return
Cathryne Trachok (CA), The Simple Pleasures
Angela Trotta-Thomas (SC), Elegant Sanctuary
Karol Tucker (NC), Tamara
Carmella Tuliszewski (PA), Walks of Life
Diana Twining (VA), Carousel Rabbits
Aislynn Underwood (WA), Self Portrait
Diana Unrein (KS), The Baroness
Kim VanDerHoek (CA), They Made Maps of the Sky
Ranjini Venkatachari (CA), Surreal Conversations
Suzanne Vigil (NM), Get Your Kicks on Rt.66
Kathryn Vinson (CO), Prickly Pear Patch
Susan Walker(WA), The Red Car Travels On
Carrie Waller (VA), Lightbulb Moment
Sharon Weaver (CA), Golden Time
Pam Wenger (PA), Morning Routine
Daniela Werneck (TX), The Great Kiskadee
Liane Whittum (NH), Mille Fleur
liz Wolf (NM), Standing Watch

Also included in the exhibition, AWA Heritage Circle Members Joni Falk (AZ), Donna Howell-Sickles (TX), Kathrine Lemke Waste (CA), and Star Liana York (NM).

(Pictured above: “Hide and Seek” by Victoria Parsons, Wood – Ancient Bristlecone Pine, 49″ x 30″ x 19″, opening page “Hydrangea in NY Times” by Loren Dibenedetto, Oil, 24″ x 30″)