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Learn how to leverage Social Media to build your business with Jeanette Getrost: Artist as Influencer

The impact of social media on the art world cannot be underestimated. The best way to understand both why and how we should incorporate social media into our marketing – especially Instagram – is to look at the rise of a young artist who has leveraged the promise of social media into a lucrative business.

With a background in figure drawing, Jeanette Getrost offers a unique take on fashion illustrating which displays gestural lines and exaggerated figures. Her most recent clientele includes: Chanel, Coach, Estee Lauder and Project Runway. In September of 2015, Vogue Magazine named Jeanette as one of the industry’s most in-demand illustrators.
With 85,000 Instagram followers Jeanette has a lot to share about how artists should be using Instagram as part of their business model.

Watch Jeanette’s presentation from our 2015 Symposium Voices and Visions from the New Frontier: A Symposium on Women and Art in the 21st Century here.