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Carrie Waller Abundance

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  • Berkshire Hathaway Underwrites AWA for Five Years
  • American Women Artists Invited to Exhibit in Shanghai
  • The Numbers Balance: female artists finally achieve parity with their male counterparts in museums around the country

The news flashes were imaginary but the enthusiasm
wasn’t as a record number of AWA members turned out
for the annual member meeting at the 25th Anniversary Exhibition in Scottsdale last month.

Asked to write a headline describing an AWA accomplishment five years from now, member artists envisioned a path toward a future of corporate and grant support, international exhibitions and more museum shows.

The purpose of the meeting was to chart the course for the Board of Directors as AWA embarks upon another quarter century of creating opportunities for women painters and sculptors. In so doing, the members made it clear that they see a future where the work by women increases in value and visibility.

The meeting was facilitated by Board President, Kathrine Lemke Waste, and included hands-on social media coaching by Social Media Consultant Nicole Cardoza and a PowerPoint presentation with a year-end financial report.The charts and graphs projected onto the screen represented another milestone for AWA.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to show our members where our money comes from and where it goes, in a coherent, concise and most of all, accurate way,” said Lemke Waste. “This is a significant achievement and reflects a three-year effort by the Board and especially by Executive Director Diane Swanson and busin

ess services consultant Rachel McCumber, to improve our accounting and upgrade our membership management software. We can’t do any of that other stuff in any kind of strategic way, until our foundation is solid – and today, it’s solid as a rock. Now we can go after the kind of funding that will help us make these headlines real.”




     Kathrine Lemke Waste
     President, American Women Artists