The Latest from American Women Artists

Carrie Waller Abundance

“I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the entries – scoring them, however, was difficult!  Almost half were pieces I would be happy to have had in the show though even my top tier choices equaled more than there was room for. Since only about 1 in 10 could be included I knew there was going to  be a lot of really fine pieces that wouldn’t make the cut. Thanks for inviting me to jury – It was an honor and an important task I took very seriously.” – Steamboat Art Museum Juror Rosetta

Congratulations to the following artists who have a painting or sculpture juried into Looking West: An Exhibition Highlighting Works by American Women Artists, at the Steamboat Art Museum in Steamboat Springs Colorado, May 24 – September 2, 2019. Four hundred and seven artists submitted 1,096 works for jurying and 111 were accepted into the show. Thank you to our selection jurors, Donna Howell-Sickles, Krystii Melaine and Rosetta, who did an outstanding job making difficult choices.

Elisa Adams – Cali
Jill Banks – On Top of the World
Carole Belliveau – The Beating Heart of a Dove
Crystal Beshara – Lean on Me
Cindy Billingsley – In Flight Barn Owl
Jill Blaisdell – Tumbled
Liz Bonham – Stairway to Heaven
Paige Bradley – Cycles
Jane Bradley – Her Mother’s Necklace
Bonnie Brentz – Echo Amphitheater
JM Broderick – Foot Bridge at Smith Farm
Naomi Brown – Oasis of Mara Joshua Tree National Park
Ginger Chen – Mr. John Walz
Lynette Cook – SOLD
Carrie Cook – Emma
Kathleen Coy – The Thinker
Maria D’Angelo – Pride of the Lakota
Barbara Dahlstedt – Natural Curls
Sandy Delehanty – Waiting
Loren DiBenedetto – Falling
Christine Drewyer – Alpine Sanctuary
Leslie DuPratt – Coffee With Frida
Jill Eberle – Slinking Away
Barbara Summers Edwards – A Quiet Place
Fran Ellisor – Autumn Resplendent
Lani Emanuel – Little Pink Dress
Sheri Farabaugh – Lotus Leaves and Lily Pads
Cathy Ferrell – Skimming the Treetops II
Cynthia Feustel – Golden Hour
Bethany Fields – Canyon Fenceline
Elizabeth Floyd – Late Summer Tomatoes
Ellen Fuller – Starfruit
Ginger Gehres – Pawtrait of a Black Bear
Heather Gibson – 2 Down, 7 To Go
Kathleen Giles – Queen of Hearts
Sandy Graves – Gone Fishin’
Nancy Haley – Very French
Terry Cooke Hall – On the Edge of Her Seat
Whitney Hall – Shades of Grey 
Anne Harkness – A Cappella
Sherry Harrington – Near the Black Hills
Glenyse Henschel – Big Fish, Little Pond
Dyana Hesson – Arizona Maverick, Coral Cactus Bloom and Bud
Tina Honerkamp – Sun Kissed
Amanda Houston – Breaking Through
Jane Hunt – Quietude
Jodie Kain – The Model
HR “Heather” Kaiser – QUANAH PARKER Comanche War Leader of the Quahadi
Shelby Keefe – All That Glitters
Debra Keirce – Pop
Laurie Kersey – Point Lobos Cypress
Stanka Kordic – Portrait of Eileen
Alison Kroll – Blue Glove
Christina Kuo – Artisan
Nancy Lily – San Jose Mission Doors
Dorothy Lorenze – Chick Please
CJ Lukacsik – The Harvest
Susan Lynn – Prairie Lightcatchers
Carole Maltby – The Shopkeeper
Jane Manco – The Red Lure
Sally Maxwell – Lean In
Georgene McGonagle – Grey Wolf
Deanne McKeown – Ravel Steals the Light
Lisa McLoughlin – Tea Party
Connie McNees – Heritage
Kami Mendlik – Into The Silver Lining
Iryna Milton – My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord
Kim Minichiello – My Point of View
Rosa Montante – The Gift
Gini Morelock-Bosco – Hannah
Paddi Moyer – Journey
Dale Marie Muller – Spring Exchange
Eileen Nistler – Light at the End of the Day 
Rachele Nyssen – Dragonfly’s Dream
Donna Nyzio – Fish, It’s What’s for Dinner
Carla O’Connor – Fancy That
Nancy Paris Pruden – Spring, Hill Country
Linda Pearlman Karslberg – Promise and Despair II
Mandy Peltier – See Me
Tammy Penn – Cut to the Chase
Jan Perkins – Local Girls
Anne Peyton – Rushing Water
Sharon Pomales – Little Girl with a Big Guitar
Claudia Post – Unforgettable Out West 
Kimberly Reed-Deemer – Santa Fe Japanese Matsuri Dancer
Gaylynn Ribeira – Self-Portrait from Life
Nadine Robbins – The Fierce Bowman
Cathy Rowten – Going Geisha
Vanessa Rusczyk – Dead or Alive
Linda Schroeter – Colonization
Guenevere Schwien – Lion Pride
Brenda Semanick – Orchid
Linda Short – Stalker
Rachelle Siegrist – Barnyard Cottonballs
Jody Skinner – Sublimare
Julie Skoda – Into the Mangroves
Laurie Stevens – Treeline
Kim Taggart – Next Generation
Kathy Tate – Peaches
Jennifer Taylor- Red Velvet
Cathryne Trachok – Leaning In
Burneta Venosdel – Tallgrass Warriors
Kathy Vinson – Luna Moth
MB Warner – Pony Express
Soon Warren – Victory of Wings
Ann Watcher – Before the Party
Lorraine Watry – Lilies and Glass Globes
Robin Wellner – Intervention
Linda West – Spirit Drummers
Ellen Woodbury – A Tree Needs a Bird

Along with these artists, the following Master Members of AWA will have a work in the Steamboat Art Museum exhibition:  Nancy Boren, Ginger Bowen, Kim Casebeer, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Judy Crowe, Angela Mia De la Vega, Dianne Massey Dunbar, Gay Faulkenberry, Kaye Franklin, Sharon Fullingim, Linda Glover Gooch, Paula B. Holtzclaw, Donna Howell-Sickles, Cathryn Jenkins, Kirsten Kokkin, Kim Kori, Laney, Ann Larsen, Leah Lopez, Judith Mackey, Denise LaRue Mahlke, Diane Mason, Krystii Melaine, Elizabeth Pollie, Heide Presse, Camille Przewodek, Diana Reuter-Twining, Elizabeth Robbins, Patricia Rohrbacher, Rosetta, Sherry Blanchard Stuart, Carol Swinney, Karen Vance, Ann Kraft Walker, Kathrine Lemke Waste, Liz Wolf, Romona Youngquist.  There will also be two Esteemed Guest Artists exhibiting works in the show; Carolyn Anderson and Carol Carter.