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Juried Artists Announced for Haggin Museum Exhibition

The Haggin Museum Exhibiton, August 2 – September 16, 2018, is unlike any previous AWA show. The museum requested that artists submit works inspired by 13 of the museum’s iconic works from the 19th- and 20th-Century; works by William Merrit Chase, Rosa Bonheur, Jean-Leon Gerome and George Inness, to name a few. Jurors for this show were Ann Larsen, Cathy Ferrell, and Kathy Lemke Waste. 

“I had the honor of jurying the Associates and Associates with Distinction entries for the Haggin Museum show,” Cathy Ferrell wrote, “and found the wide variety of subjects, mediums and styles interesting and a challenge to chose the best of the best. With congratulations to those who juried into the show — and to those who didn’t, congratulations on your work, never give up, keep painting, entering, and enjoying this grand adventure in art!

The following artists have been accepted into the museum’s show, titled Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin Museum. The opening reception will take place August 2, from 6 – 8 pm., at 1201 N. Pershing Avenue, Stockton, California.


Elisa Adams – Majestic
Nicole Alger – Magpie
Sue Ariniello – Harmony
Kaethe Bealer – Getting Ready
Heather Burton – Backstage
Victoria Castillo – Dappled Light
Valerie Collymore – French Garden at the Chateau
Sandra Corpora – The Artist’s Husband
Sandy Delehanty – Little Black Dress
Mia DeLode – House Calls
Cynthia R. Dill – The Artist’s Sophistication
Barbara Summers Edwards – Along the Fence
Fran Ellisor – Legacy
Lani Emanuel – To Be A Princess
Cynthia Feustel – Of Beauty and Grace
Aida Garrity – Sophistication II 
Lisa Gleim – Onward and Upward: The Artist’s Daughter
Whitney Hall – Golden Days
Jane Hunt – The Artist Wife’s Landscape
Michelle Kondos – White
Linda LeGrice – The Brush-Inner Child II
CJ Lukacsik – Contemplating II
Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo – Katie
Judith Peck – Memory’s Reflections
Beth Peck – Rachel and Val on the Bed
Sharon Pomales – While the World Burns
Jeanne Reavis – The Sleigh Ride
Pegah Samaie – The Heart of Gravity
Leslie Sealey – Black Shawl
Brenda Semanick – Cafe Girls
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger – Free Spirit
Oceana Rain Stuart – Eternal Bliss
Kim Taggart – To Go
Judy Takacs – Highland Matriarch (pictured below, based on “Highland Monarch” by Eugene-Joseph Verboeckhoven)
Kaia Thomas – Utah Afternoon
Kim VanDerHoek – Crisscross
Linda West – Sophisticated Lady

Takacs Judy Highland Matriarch Oil 30 x 36