The Latest from American Women Artists

Carrie Waller Abundance

Congratulations to the artists whose artwork was selected for the 2020 Booth Western Art Museum Exhibition in Cartersville, GA, May 27 – August 23, 2020. 

Sue deLearie Adair (NY), The Orange Feeder
Carol Alleman (AZ), Twilight Stars
JaNeil Anderson (NM), Right Where I Want To Be 
Heather Arenas (FL), A Common Language
Diane Arenberg (NM), Sunset Sunburst
Suzanne Lago Arthur (VA), Abby in Contemplation
Helen K. Beacham (SC), Briskly, and with Purpose
Chula Beauregard (CO), Into the Light
Ginger Bowen (CO), Workin Girls
Jane Bradley (AZ), Code Talker
Melinda Brewer (Quebec, CA), Up and Over
Jenny Buckner (NC), Pink Cascades
Karen Budan (AZ), Color Riot
Ellen Buselli (NY), Iron and Glass
Carol Carter (MO), Australia
Kim Casebeer (KA), Luminous
Vicki Catapano (CA), The Honored Gift
Donna Catotti (AK), One Hundred and Ten Years Later: A Tribute to Harry Wilson Watrous
Therese Conte (CA), The Letter
Lynette Cook (CA), A Moment in Time
Sandra Corpora (PA), Wine Merchant
Natalie Dark (NY), Poder
Julie Davis (TX), Leaning Toward the Past, Marfa, Texas
Angela Mia De la Vega (TX), Vigor
Sandy Delehanty (CA), Writing on the Wall
Dianne Massey Dunbar (CO), A Moment in Time
Barbara Summers Edwards (UT), Shades of Gray
Sheri Farabaugh (CO), Sorolla’s Studio
Cathy Ferrell (FL), Skimming the Treetops
Cynthia Feustel (CO), Imagining
Elizabeth Floyd (VA), Bittersweet
Kelli Folsom (OK), Provencal Sunflowers
Terri Ford (CA), Old Mill Casita
Ellen Fuller (NM), Wood 2
Tina Garrett (MO), Hell’s Bell
Heather Gibson (NJ), She Stopped to Look Up
Lisa Gleim (GA), The Secret Keeper
Linda Glover Gooch (AZ), Hallelujah
Carmen Drake Gordan (NC), Forsaken
Sandy Graves (CO), Majesty
Jan Guarino (NY), Rev’d-Up
Terry Cooke Hall (MT), Tango
Anne Harkness (NC), Vantage Point
Claudia Hartley (AZ), Western Homestead
Dyana Hesson (AZ), Lion and the Lamb, Agave and Sego Lily, Sedona, AZ
Paula B. Holtzclaw (NC), Last Glance
Cathy Jenkins (Vancouver BC, CA), In the Eye of the Beholder
Jacqueline Jones (CT), Icelandic Shimmers
Debra Keirce (VA), Tunnel Vision
Laurie Kersey (CA), Tres Amigos
Debbie Korbel (CA), Small Talk
Kim Kori (AZ), Moonlight
Chris Krupinski (OH), Caramel Apples
Kate Lackman (OH), Boy on Llama
Nancy Lane (NY), Wild Solitude
Linda Loeschen (CO), Catch Me If You Can
Dana Lombardo (OK), Feather Fan Dancer
Cindy Long (NC), Diamond Girl
Denise LaRue Mahlke (TX), September Fields
Diane Mason (CO), Spring Planting
Sally Maxwell (TX), Lone Wolf
Deanne McKeown (AZ), On the Cusp of Magic
Krystii Melaine (WA), Channunpa Wahkan – The Sacred Pipe, Lakota
Kami Mendlik (MN), Rippling Through Quiet Waters
Nancie King Mertz (IL), Alley Off Elm
Kim Minichiello (FL), A Different Perspective
Rosa Montante (NY), Flowers for You
Kathy Morris (GA), Camouflage
Farshid Namei (CA), I’m Sorry!
Julie Nighswonger (WY), Tulla
Eileen Nistler (WY), Blaze
Nancy Nowak (GA), Glass Bottom Boat
Rachele Nyseen (CA), Twilights Harmony
Donna Nyzio (NC), Heading Out
Carla O’Connor (WA), Allure of Kimono
Sally Painter (FL), Leaning In
Pokey Park (AZ), Beary Sharing
Anne Peyton (AZ), Madera Canyon Gobbler
Elizabeth Pollie (MI), Into Thin Air
Sharon Pomales (OH), Range War at the Lariat Saloon
Rene Porter (AZ), Cognac
Heide Presse (FL), They Shall Inherit the Earth
Ann Ranlett (CA), Chromed Grace
Connie Lynn Reilly (GA), Silver Queen
Hope Reis (FL), Fifty Shades of Blue
Diane Reuter-Twining (VA), Equipoise
Stephanie Revennaugh (MT), Mo & Benson
Elizabeth Robbins (UT), Summer Bouquet
Gladys Roldan-de-Moras (TX) Journey Home
Rosetta (CO), Balancing Act
Vanessa Rusczyk (CA), Spring Creosote Blooms
Claudia Seymour (CT), Toys in the Attic
Alisa Shea (NY), Jazz is Jazz
Rachelle Siegrist (TN), A Sun Loving Monster
Shelley Smith (WI), Winter is no Picnic, Unless You’re in Sunny Colorado
Anita Mosher Solich (CO), Pancho
Laurie Stevens (MT), Mourning Dove
Patricia Tribastone (NY), A Touch of Pink
Karol Tucker (NC), Our Friend Emanuel
Michele Usibelli (WA), Concert in the Cathedral
Suzanne Vigil (NM), Dichotomy
Carrie Waller (IL) Abundance
Paige Wallis (MA), She Is Me But I Am Not her
Ann Watcher (NC) An Elegant Affair
Karen Weihs (NC), TIlt
Kathie Wheeler (WI), Spirit
Liz Wolf (NM), Horse Medicine
Romona Youngquist (OR), House and Willow

Also included in the exhibition, AWA Heritage Circle Members Joni Falk (AZ), Donna Howell-Sickles (TX), Kathrine Lemke Waste (CA), Star Liana York (NM) and our Esteemed Guest Artist Terri Kelly Moyers (CO).

(Pictured above: “The Secret Keeper” by Lisa Gleim, pastel, 40″ x 32″, opening page “An Elegant Affair by Ann Watcher, oil 24″ x 24”)