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Carrie Waller Abundance

Even though our 2013 show is still a few months away, your Board members  are working many long hours to confirm our exhibition venues for 2014, 2015 and beyond.  While we’re still nailing down the details before official announcements can be made, I can tell you that we are in negotiations on the east and west coasts of the continent…a “sea to shining sea” approach!


Major museum show confirmed for 2014


AWA has been invited to exhibit at theBooth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  The 120,000 square foot state of the art museum space opened in 2003 and houses the largest permanent exhibition space for Western art in the country.
The show will run from October 23, 2014 until January 24, 2015 and be held in conjunction with the museum’s Annual Symposium which will focus on women and art.  More details on the show will be forthcoming soon.  Stay tuned!

AWA lands Chicago-based corporate sponsor



American Women Artists announces its newest corporate sponsor,IOCOM, a videoconferencing communications company based in Chicago.  IOCOM is now providing AWA with Visimeet, a multi-point videoconferencing and collaborative communication software system.  IOCOM will work with AWA to customize Visimeet as a tool to enhance board and committee meetings with video, audio and data share features.  Visimeet will make it possible for AWA to function smoothly and efficiently as a virtual organization. 

IOCOM’s Visimeet system is successfully used by universities like Dartmouth and Northwestern to facilitate distance education and research, corporations like

Chevron and large medical systems like the British National Health Service.    

“If Visimeet can keep the entire British National Health Service communicating effectively, ” said AWA Board Vice President Kathy Lemke Waste, “think what it can do for us!”

She added, “We’re deeply grateful for IOCOM’s generous gift. Corporate support on this scale marks a turning point for us as a nonprofit as it demonstrates faith in our mission and our members.  Another great thing about it is that it generates even more as it’s leveraged into matching dollars, grants and additional sponsorships.”    

2013 juried competition finalists selected


Sixty finalists were selected from the 857 entries for the 16th Annual Juried Competition to be held at the RS Hanna Gallery in Frederickburg, Texas. Victoria Castillo, of College Station, Texas, is one of those Associate members who made the cut.  Her 8.5 x 11 oil “Cool Light, Warm Light” is pictured here.  A complete list of the finalists is included at the end of this newsletter.
Gay Faulkenberry, Donna Howell-Sickles and Nancy Bush will be Awards judges for the show.   Awards will be announced at a brunch reception at the RS Hanna Gallery on Friday, November 12013.  The Opening Reception for the exhibit will be from 6 – 9 PM that evening and open to the public.

Hot off the press:  AWA members shine in stunning Art of the National Parks


IArt of the National Parks, seventy painters and sculptors offer distinctive visions of eight of the nation’s most beloved wild lands: Acadia, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion.
AWA members Carol Swinney, Linda Glover Gooch, Jan Rosetta, Kim Casebeer and Susan Lynn Hyer (Susiehyer) along with AWA Guest Artist, the late Louisa McElwain, contribute paintings to this well-received publication.
Letter from the President:  Looking Ahead to 2014 and Beyond


Ann Larsen

Dear AWA Members,


Even though our 2013 show is still a few months away, your Board members  are working many long hours to confirm our exhibition venues for 2014, 2015 and beyond.  While we’re still nailing down the details before official announcements can be made, I can tell you that we are in negotiations on the east and west coasts of the continent…a “sea to shining sea” approach!    
We’ve worked hard to coordinate our public relations efforts for the Fredericksburg show in order to shine the national spotlight on American Women Artists and our members.  Look for extensive editorial coverage of the 16th Annual Member Show and Juried Competition in four national magazines this fall, including Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur,American Art Collector and Western Art and Architecture. As a benefit of our AWA membership, we also have the opportunity to advertise at reduced rates in these issues. 

Your board members recently met – on our own dime, by the way –  to refine and focus our direction as an organization.  Our mission statement says we celebrate, inspire and encourage.  We are making that tangible as we reintroduce museum shows into our annual line-up, add more opportunities for our Associates like our spring online competition and widen our exposure by regularly featuring our individual members on a weekly basis through social media, as well as in our expanded print coverage.    

What does a phrase like “widen our exposure” really mean?  Here are three specific examples:   
1.  We recently featured  Signature member Becky Joy’s painting, “Sonoran Blush” on our Facebook page and as this goes to press, almost 4500 people have seen that painting as a direct result of that post. 

2.  Our San Francisco Bay Area-based webmaster, Jenny Tran reports, “the numbers show monthly traffic has steadily increased since we launched our new website last year. now has nearly double the number of unique visitors (unique means not counting the same visitor twice). We had almost 4000 unique visitors on our website in July.”  

3.  We are now working with a freelance writer to help us tell our story in a consistent and professional way to a bigger audience.  You’ve seen some of Nicole Cardoza‘s work already in this newsletter over the past few months with her terrific feature profiles about founding members Star York and Joni Falk.  Nicole’s been calling many of you and getting to know you over the phone as she works on press releases, bios and feature stories for our various events.    

Here’s wishing you all a productive month as summer draws to a close.  We look forward to seeing you this fall at our annual show at the RS Hanna Gallery in beautiful Texas Hill Country!


 Board members Carol Swinney, Nancy Boren, Kathy Lemke Waste and Judeth Davis

meet in Sacramento to hammer out a five year plan for AWA.


Hearty Congratulations to…
The outstanding Finalists in the 16th Annual AWA Juried Show on exhibit in Fredericksburg, Texas this fall, including:

Beverly Abbott, Carol Alleman, Alex Alvis, Carol Amos, Carol Arnold, Helen Bailey, Suzie Baker, Tammy Bality, Carla Bird, Nancy Bozeman, Paige Bradley, Donna Carr, Victoria Castillo, Marsha Chandler, Carla Deveraux, Angela De la Vega, Linda Dellandre, Mary Dennis, Carol Devereaux, SaraJane Doberstein, Marin Dobson, Aimee Erickson, Farshid Namei, Dina Gregory, Elaine Hahn, Teresa Hansen, Tanya Harsch, Diane Harvey, Kim Hill, Jammey Huggins, Debob Jacob, Maryanne Jacobsen, Shelby Keefe, Christine Kidwell, Grace Kim, Sheryl Knight, Cally Krallman, Kristan Le, Amy Leung, Janel Maher, Sally Maxwell, Julie McCraney-Brogdon, Kami Mendlik, Irina Milton, Paddi Moyer, Kay Northup, Lori Pandy, Becky Parrish, Julie Petro, Elizabeth Pollie, Gladys Rolan de Moras, Sherry Salari-Sander, Suzie Seerey-Lester, Laurie Stevens, Burneta Venosdel, Linda Walker, Sarah Webber, Deirde West, Diane Whitehead and Julie Wiegand.

 … Romona Youngquist for winning the William Rutledge Award for Excellence in Landscape at OPA’s 2013 Salon Show for her painting, “Signs of Spring.”


Carol Swinney and Ann Larsen for winning awards at the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters National Show at Grand Teton National Park last month at the 2013 Plein Air for the Park.  Swinney was honored with an Award of Excellence.  Larsen went home with an Honorable Mention, only to find a copy of the September, 2013 Plein Air Magazine in her mailbox with a profile piece by Stephen Doherty about her and her favorite nonprofit, American Women Artists!  Be sure to catch this September issue. 

… All the AWA members who were accepted at Oil Painters of America’s 2013 Western Regional Exhibition opening September 6th in Topeka, Kansas. AWA is exceptionally well represented at this event, with kudos going to AWA Master Signature members Kim CasebeerDiane Massey Dunbar and Carol Swinney.  AWA Signature members Judy Crowe and Sandra VanderWall will join Associate Members DeBob JacobCarol AmosAnn HardyLinda Lucas HardyJennifer JohnsonSarah KidnerCally Krallman, and Cathy Rowten at this prestigous event. 

Judy Crowe’s China and Primrose, a 12 x 12 Oil on linen, will be at OPA’s
Western Regional.


AWA Board and Officers 2013
Ann Larsen, President, Edinburg, NY 
Kathrine Lemke Waste, Vice President, Sacramento, CA
Paula Holtzclaw, Secretary, Waxhaw, NC
Judeth Davis, Treasurer,Glendale, CA
Carol Swinney, Immediate Past President, Casper, WY
Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Past President, Alexandria, VA
Nancy Boren, Past President, The Colony, TX 
DeBob Jacob, Maypearl, TX