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Carrie Waller Abundance

American Women Artists is thrilled to announce our 2021 National Online Juried Show, Lifting the Sky: Elevating the Works of American Women Artists. As the uncertainty of COVID continues, AWA has decided to host an all-virtual exhibition year. This online exhibit will take the place of our 25 in 25 museum show (postponed to 2022) and will be open to all levels of membership. The show offers an array of awards, such as a $10,000 Grand Prize and a gallery show at the Phoenix Zoo’s Savanna Gallery*, a gallery show at the Principle Gallery**, as well as other cash and merchandise awards. Lifting the Sky will feature 150 representational and abstract works, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

The juried exhibition prospectus is available through Online Juried Shows HERE.

Important dates:
Accepting submissions November 15, 2020 – February 10, 2021
Finalists will be announced March 4, 2021
AWA Virtual Events will take place May 20 – August 21, 2021
Online exhibition dates May 20 – August 21, 2021

*An artist from the show will be selected by the Phoenix Zoo Arts Committee to participate in an exhibit at the Savanna Gallery, Phoenix Zoo, AZ. **An artist from the show will be selected by Michele Marceau, owner of Principle Gallery. Show may be at either of the Principle Gallery locations of Alexandria, VA or Charleston, SC at the discretion and choice of the owner.