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Star York, first AWA President

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American Women Artists is dedicated to the inspiration, celebration, and encouragement of women in the visual Fine Arts.

Our Vision: 

25 in 25: 25 Museum Shows in 25 Years!

Nadine Robbins

In 2017, AWA launched 25 in 25, a bold initiative to secure 25 museum exhibitions for our women artist members, over the next 25 years. We did this because work by women artists makes up only 3 – 5% of the permanent holdings of art museums in America. We are determined to roll up our sleeves and do something about this! We now have museum shows booked through 2024. With an AWA membership, artists have the opportunity to jury into museums exhibitions every year for the next 25 years! Along with these exhibitions we are working to facilitate a Purchase Award for the museum’s permanent collection or for a corporate collection. Our Patron and our Gallery Members are supporting AWA in the mission of creating opportunities like this for women in the visual fine arts.

The mission of American Women Artists is to celebrate, unite, and promote women in the visual fine arts through our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Women artists supporting other women artists. Inspired!”

AWA Artist, CA