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Carrie Waller Abundance

Congratulations to all of the artists whose artwork was selected for AWA’s 2021 Spring Online Juried Show! There were 1,223 entries, of those 120 were juried into the show. Selection Juror Diana Reuter-Twining wrote, “It was an honor to serve as a Selection Juror for the 2021 Spring Online Show. The quality of the work submitted for jurying was exceptional– illustrating the superb talents of AWA’s Associate and Associate with Distinction Members. AWA is truly a first-rate group of women artists!”

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Sue deLearie Adair (NY), The Nuthatch and the Old Tree
Leslie Adams (OH), Portrait of Kathleen O’Neill Jamieson
Priya Ahlawat (PA), Early Morning at Café Américain, Amsterdam
JaNeil Anderson (NM), Please Daddy
Tracy Anderson (MI), Little Hunter
Patt Baldino (NY), Sweet and Sour
Chantel Barber (TN), A Seeker
Helen K. Beacham (SC), Travel Buds
Kimberly Beck (UT), Cactus Finery
Christina Body (IL), State Street
Paige Bradley (CT), Surrender Cup
Marilynn Brandenburger (CO),The Long Climb
Amy Braswell (AL), Willie
Susan Brook Saacks (CA), Home Schooling
Karen Budan (AZ), Light Martini
J. Calhoun (UT), Koi Frenzy
Angela Campbell (KY), Radiance
Andrina Carey (FL), Attitude
Ginger Chen (CA), OUTING
Linda Clark (CA), Tahoe Pier
Lynette Cook (CA), Valencia Abstraction
Carrie Cook (TX), Jam
Lisa Cunningham (PA), Seaside Cottage
Natalie Dark (NY), The Morning After
Maryann DellaRocco (MD), Luscious
Gabriela Delloso (NJ), Wine Chocolate and Bosch
Dana diMuro (NJ), Alison
Lorri Dixon (WA), Elegant Peppers
Kimberly Dow (NC), Who Does She Think She Is?
Carmen Drake (NC), Humility
Jill Eberle (NC), Ann at the Bus
Kelly Eddington (MO), The Sisters
L. S. Eldridge (AR), Tribes
Natalie Featherston (RI), Nesting Instinct
Terri Ford (CA), Orange Sunshine
Kathleen Friedenberg (PA), The Farrier
Marita Glodt (TX), First Snow at Twilight
Stephanie Goldman (CA), Ode to Dirac Between Ecstasy and Fear
Laurie Goldstein-Warren (WV), Shay
Xi Guo (FL), Daphne
Sandy Haight (WA), Cascade Dance
Cheryl Harley-Volz (CO), How Bout Them Cowgirls
Liz Harris (UT), Windswept
Leah Hopkins Henry (GA), Serenity
Lisa Hewett Peyton (CO), Golden Hour in the San Juans
Catherine Hillis (GA), Reservations Required
Marcia Holmes (LA), Rose Bouquet
Shelley Holtzman (NY), Day of the Iguana
Jane Ingols (GA), Merino
Natasha Isenhour (MN), Sticks and Stones
Mary Jabens (UT), Path of the Sun
Krista Johnson (MN), The Boys
Suzanne Johnson (MI), She Walks in Beauty
Julie Kavanagh (CA), Autumn Blush
Brenda Kidera (MD), If Looks Could Kill
Leslie Kirchner (CA), Delicate Approach – Black Necked Stilt
Diana Kirkpatrick (SC), Winter in Maine
May Klisch (WI), Dreamwalkers: The Border Never Sleeps
Debbie Korbel (CA), Wings of Thunder
Amrita Krishnan (IL), Bird in Paradise
Sue Krzyston (AZ), From Many Hands
Kate Lackman (OH), Circus of the Sun
Nancy Lane (NY), Inheritance
Yi-Ching Lee (CA), In Her Arms
Jeanne Crain Leemon (TN), Fleurs dans L’Après Midi
Gayle Levee (TN), Patriarch
Stacy Lund Levy (MD), Shopping In Glasgow
Diane Liguori (CA), Parade Princess
Dana Lombardo (OK), Symphony in Red
Debra Lott (KY), Divided Light
Linda Lutzai (NY), Kingpin
Katherine M Brookhaven (GA), Anchors and Buoys
Gayle Madeira (NY), Through Lifting Fog
Arline Mann (NY), SHELTER
Phyllis Mantik deQuevedo (OK), Serenity
Traci Martin (OK), Eventuality (Hyalophora Cecropia)
Jody Martin (TX), Just Like Dad
Barbara Mason (TX), Transparencies 1
Melissa Mason (WI), Hiding in Plain Sight
Lisa Matrundola (GA), Mother Earth
Erin McCarthy (MA), Pandemonium, A Self Portrait
Michelle McCune (CA), Shake!
Thyra Moore (MD), An Inner Light
Dale Marie Muller (MT), The Elder
Barbara Nuss (MD), Winchester Cove
Victoria Parsons (CO), The Gathering
L. Tracy Paz (CA), Interregnum; Surge
Moana Ponder (CA), Contemplating Infinity
Linda Prokop (CO), Squirrel
Lori Putnam (TN), Safe Harbor
Ann Ranlett (CA), Hanna
Jeanne Reavis (TX), Ice Scape
BF Reed (NC), Spheres, 1
Connie Lynn Reilly (GA), Long Stem Blush
Kathleen Reilly (CO), Closing Down
Gaylynn Ribeira (CA), Parisian Storytime
Giddy Richt (TN), Been a long day
Cali Roberson (CA), Above The Fray
Kristen Salai (TX), Macaron Rainbow
Patricia Scarborough (NE), Caught in a Brisk Wind
Megan Seiter (CA), Persimmons
Suzanne Siminger (CA), Peaceful Coast
Siana Smith (CA), Mitigation
Shelley Smith (WI), I Walk Alone thru Shadows of Our Past
Louise Solecki Weir (Vancouver, BC), Girl With A Braid
Karen Storm (CO), Last Kiss of Light
Barbara Tapp (CA), The Family Favorite
Carol Lee Thompson (PA), Reflections
Cathy Toot (MT), For the Team
Angela Trotta-Thomas (SC), A Butterfly is Magical
Ann Trusty (KS), Night Reflections
Suzanne Vigil (NM), Su and Peter the Great
Daggi Wallace (CA), I Am No Bird; And No Net Ensnares Me II
Carrie Waller (IL), Conservation
Kerri Warner (CA), A Horse of a Different Color
Susan D Waters (GA), Disconnect
Trish Wend (CT), Mostly Metal
Daniela Werneck (TX), The Retreat
Liane Whittum (MH), Peonies, Iris, and Sage
Allie Zeyer (ID), Patchwork

Image above: Macaron Rainbow, Kristen Salai, Oil on Canvas, 6″ x 60″; Cover Image: Safe Harbor, Lori Putnam, Oil, 30″ x 40″