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Carrie Waller Abundance

Congratulations to all of the artists whose artwork was selected for AWA’s 2020 Spring Online Juried Show! There were 1,397 entries, of those 125 were juried into the show. Selections Juror Ellen Woodbury wrote about the works submitted for the show, “The high quality of the submissions raised the bar for my decisions because so many are terrific and successful works of art. I am heartened and humbled by the quality of work of our Associate Members and Associate Members with Distinction. AWA is a world-class group of artists.”

View the 2020 Spring Online Juried Show. 
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Sue deLearie Adair (NY), The Perfect Situation
Nicole Adkisson (OK), Beauty in All Paths
Karen Anable-Nichols, (CA) In All Its Glory
Tracy Anderson (MI), Night Watch
Denise Antaya (Ontario, Canada), Heading Home II
Helen Bailey (TX), Salt River Foal
Holly Banks (FL), Hydrangeas with Assorted Fruit
Kimberly Beck (IN), Black-Tie Banquet
Marnie Becker (IL), Thai Women
Esther BeLer Wodrich (AZ), Burger and Shake
Patricia Bradley (OK), The Mask
Jane Bradley (AZ), In His Son’s Eyes
Betty Branch (VA), Striding Woman I
Naomi Brown (AZ), Lavender Sky in Joshua Tree
Karen Budan (AZ), Chocolate Martini
Eileen Burgess (NY), Singing in the Mile Long Opera
Tami Cardnella (SC), Autumn Pears
Min-Jen Chang (CA), Garden of Delight
Ginger Chen (CA), Set Sail
Mary Ann Cleary (MN), A Peaceful Place
Linda Cloonan (CA), After The Storm
Linda Cobb (NM), Watchful
Lynette Cook (CA), Rising Sun
Carrie Cook (TX), Angel
Patricia Coonrod (NY), Heirloom Tomatoes
Malynda Cooper (ID), Strength
Ann Currey (TN), All Quiet
Barbara Dahlstedt (AZ), Father Goose
Natalie Dark (NY), Destinada A Ser
Mary Villon de Benveniste (SC), Camellia Madness #1
Dr. Jan De Lipsey (TX), Hurricane Cliffs
Bonnie Dhein (WI), Kanzashi
Lorri Dixon (WA), Reflecting on the Past
Linda Dunbar (OK), Riccoof Black Wall Street
Melanie Eberhardt (GA), Poached
Bethany Fields (TX), Marsh Reverie
Elizabeth Floyd (VA), Friendship
Terri Ford (CA), Dune Blooms
Marthalyn Fortson (GA), Fairyland
Kathleen Frank (NM), Almost Winter
Nanc Gordon (TX), Dancing Hibiscus 
Sandy Haight (WA), Sedona Agave #2
Cheryl Harley-Volz (CO), Cure Factor 10
Carolyn Harper (TX), Spring Iris
Linda Heath Clark (CA), A Delicate Harmony
Melissa Hedge (MS), Under the Sea
Lisa Hewett (CO), The Testament
Diane Hoeptner (OH), Aztec
Brittany Horrigan (CO), Lady in Waiting
Lisa Humphreys (GA), It’s Raining in Antarctica
Jane Ingols (GA), Head’s Up
Mimi Jensen (CA), The Heirloom
Maria Jimenez (NY), Rebirth
Lynn Miller Jones (IL), Walk at 6 Mile, 10:58 AM
Anna Justice (NC), Gentle Warrior
Sherri Kelcourse (CA), Waterplay #5
Mary Kenney (MI), Through My Most Grievous Fault
Diana Kirkpatrick (NH), Endangered Species
Rachel Kline (CA), Water’s Edge
Cindy Kopenhafer (MO), Looking Up
Chris Krupinski (OH), It’s Friday Night
Elayne Kuehler (LA), African Safari Dreams
Christine Labich (MA), Quaboag River Bend
Kate Lackman (OH), Masks
Nancy Lane (NY), Gray Rose
Jeanne Leemon (TN), Lush
Carolyn Lord (CA), Fish Rock Retreat
Amanda Lovett (GA), Chasing Sunrise
Linda Lutzai (NY), The Dressing Room
Gwen Marcus (NY), Hatti
Betsy Marsch (TN), Vienna 
Stephanie Marzell (SC), Sublime
Melissa Mason (WI), African Elephant
Linda Massey (WI), Duet in Green and White Diptych
Edi Matsumoto (CA), Bugeisha
Susan Hediger Matteson (CO), Warm Spring
Janis Mattson (VT), Soft White
Deborah McFarlin (MD), Sycamore By Pickering Creek
Jill McGannon (GA), The Nightly Show
Deanne McKeown (AZ), Late Bloomer
Reenie McMains (CA), Illumine
Kelly Mellos (CA), Spirits of Christmas Past
Nicole Moné (NY), Head Study of Matthew Innis
Thyra Moore (MD), Chasing Dreams
Nancy Nowak (GA), Sunday Walk at the Pier
Carrie Nygren (WI), Pursuit
Rachele Nyssen (NJ), Enchanted Garden
Carla O’Connor (WA), Bound By Tradition
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg (MA), Lucey III
Leslie Pratt-Thomas (SC), Five Spoons, No Forks
Linda Prokop (CO), Ruth’s Daughter
Megan Read (VA), Faith
BF Reed (NC), Strawberries and Stripes 
Kimberly Reed-Deemer (NM), Iron Erica
Giddy Richt (TN), T.Walker, Professional Trail Rider
Irena Roman (MA), Colin
Evelyn Rosenburg (NM), Quilt with Fringe
Esther Sample (British Columbia, Canada), Playful Refractions
Linda Schroeter (CA), Feather & Lace: Irony of Life
Suzy Schultz (GA), The Contemplation
Alisa Shea (NY), Cutting the Mustard
Siana Smith (CA), Weapon
Nancy Stainton (CA), Feeling Sublime
Judy Takacs (CA), Lauralee, Balls of Silver, Nerves of Steele
Sue Steele Thomas (VA), Bugatti Entering the Clouds
Carol Thomas (VA), Colorful Comparison
Sarasvathy TK (PA), Garlic Naan and Coriander
Patricia Tribastone (NY), Evening Roses
Michele Usibelli (WA), Moored for the Evening
Suzanne Vigil (VA), A Kiss
Kathryn Vinson (CO), Poppin Poppies
Susan Walker (WA), The Neighborhood
Carrie Waller (CA), Sylvania
Paige Wallis (MA), The Stoic
Sarah Warda (CT), Sherieka Skyward
Kerri Warner (CA), Beer
Lorraine Watry (CO), Spa Day
Kathryn Weisberg (ID), Under the Cottonwoods
Daniela Werneck (TX), The Swallow
Robin Williamson (TX), Holding On To A Dream
Enid Wood (TX), Snapdragon Banquet
Bonnie Woods (CA), Mistress of Montmartre
Traci Wright Martin (SC), Automeris lo, for Yayoi Kusama
Yige Xie (CA), Where is the Moon?
Katherine Zymbroy (TX), Evening Worship


Image caption: Heirloom Tomatoes, by Patricia Coonrod, Oil on canvas, 20″ x 20″