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Carrie Waller Abundance

“The quality of the work for this show,” wrote juror Kathleen Giles,” was outstanding! We have so many talented members. Once an artist masters the technique of their chosen medium, their creative voice can really shine through. Technique and medium become almost unimportant to the viewer as we are immersed in the artist’s story. There were so many wonderfully original and excellently crafted works. It was an honor to be a judge” 

Our thanks go out to the selection jurors for AWA’s 2019 Spring Online Juried Show: AWA Signature Member Kathleen Giles (NY); Lynn Dates, former Executive Director of 171 Cedar Arts Center (NY); and Cheryl Newby, owner of the the Cheryl Newby Gallery (SC). From a pool of 1,198 incredible works, these jurors selected 108 paintings and sculptures for this year’s show. View the full show HERE.

Cheryl Newby selected the award winners, congratulations one and all!

Grand Prize – $2,000 cash award!
Allure of Kimono by Carla O’Connor
Watercolor & Gouache, 30″ x 22″
OConnor Carla Allure of Kimono Watercolor and Gouache 30 x 22

Second Prize
Wyld Man by Barbara Dahlstedt, CPSA, CPX
Colored Pencil on Toned Paper, 24″ x 18″
Dahlstedt Barbara Wyld Man Colored Pencil on Toned Paper 24 x 18

Thrid Prize
Mutual by Stephanie Revennaugh
Bronze, 63″ x 53″ x 18″
Revennaugh Stephanie Mutual Bronze 65 x 53 x 18

Outstanding Still LIfe Award
Morning Shadows by Loren Dibenedetto
Oil, 24″ x 30″
DiBenedetto Loren Morning Shadows Oil 24 x 30

Outstanding Landscape Award
Between Shadows and Lights by Hebe Brooks
Oil, 12″ x 16″
Brooks Hebe Between Shadows and Lights Oil 12 x 16

Outstanding Figurative Award
Party of One by Shana Levenson
Oil, 60″ x 40″
Levenson Shana Party of One Oil 60 x 40

Outstanding Sculpture Award
Breakaway by Sandy Graves
Bronze, 19″ x 9″ x 5″
Graves Sandy Breakaway Bronze 19 x 9 x 5

Award of Merit
Wild Blue Yonder by Julie Nighswonger
Oil, 30″ x 40″
Nighswonger Julie Wild Bue Yonder Oil 30 x 40

Award of Merit
Offering of Strength by Barbara Hack
Oil, 40″ x 30″
Hack Barbara Offering of Strength Oil 40 x 30

Award of Merit
A Force of Nature by Cindy Long
Pencil, 13″ x 10″
Long Cindy A Force of Nature Pencil 13 x 10

Award of Merit
Stairway to Heaven by Lynette Cook
Acrylic, 24″ x 24″
Cook Lynette Stairway to Heaven Acrylic 24 x 24

Award of Merit
She Is Me But I Am Not Her by Paige Wallis
Acrylic, 20″ x 16″
Wallis Paige She Is Me But I Am Not Her Acrylic 16 x 20

Award of Merit
Morning’s Gift by Linda Mutti
Soft pastel, 12″ x 16″
Mutti Linda Mornings Gift Soft Pastel 12 x 16

Award of Merit
The Gold Coat by Hope Reis
Oil, 30″ x 24″
Reis Hope The Gold Coat Oil 30 x 24

Award of Merit
Winter Relic by Susie Seerey-Lester
Acrylic, 16″ x 12″
Seerey Lester Suzie Winter Relic Acrylic 12 x 16