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AWA/Tucson Museum of Art Sympsium – November 4, 2017

Five fascinating speakers will be featured at UNDER A VAST SKY: Symposium on Women in the Arts, November 4, 2017, beginning at 9:00 am at the Tucson Museum of Art (140 N. Main Avenue, Tucson AZ). The event is free to the public. This year’s symposium is co-sposored by American Women Artists and the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block. 

The Art of Making Cowboy Boots
Speaker: Lisa Sorrell
Lisa presents her journey from seamstress to one of the preeminent cowboy bootmakers in America, elevating boot making to a celebrated art form.

Digital Clay: A Virtual Perspective on 2000 years of Southwest Ceramic Art
Speaker: Douglas W. Gann, PhD
Gann will show how – through the use of virtual reality – early crafts and utilitarian vessels become fine art through multiple generations.

The Thriving Artist
Speaker: Dyana Hesson
Discussing her life as an artist, Dyana will talk about how she has overcome setbacks and expanded her income stream through entrepreneurship.

Lessons from 164 Podcast Interviews
Speaker: Antrese Wood
Antrese discusses the lessons for artists she has synthesized from 164 episodes of the Savvy Painter Podcast, her hour-long broadcast of interviews with artists and people in the business of art.

The Gift of Spider Woman Na’ashjéii Asdzáá: A historical prospective of Navajo weaving from c. 1750-2017
Speaker: Dr. Mark Sublette
An expert in Navajo weavings, Dr. Mark Sublette will take us on a journey through the eyes of the remarkable women weavers of the Navajo.

If you need additional information, contact Robin Knowlton, AWA Executive Director, (209) 368-5123,